Official Scindapsus “Platinum” has Arrived

Official Scindapsus “Platinum” has Arrived

Last year, when we began our search to complete our Scindapsus Chart, there was one particular cultivar that became a myth. Only seen by Google, it was not traded, nor was it sold by any collectors: Scindapsus Platinum.  

We have been waiting and hoping one day the arrival of this particular cultivar.
While searching for the “Official” Platinum, it became noticeable that the “Silver Hero / Platinum” imports from Indonesia, were being stamped with the name Platinum. We were not convinced that these were in fact Platinum, but just variations of Silver Hero.

After many months of searching and waiting, the “Official Platinum” has Arrived.

The leaves of Platinum are of Gray/Blue Tones - the iridescence and shimmer are difficult to capture on camera. Unlike Silver Hero, the leaves are thicker with a matte/velvet texture.

We look forward to sharing this rare cultivar with all of you.


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  • Angie Mayo

    Can’t wait to get my hands on one of these! 😍

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