Welcome to Mima Shoppe

We are a licensed, small-family nursery plant shop based out of Southern California. We sell tropical indoor plants, with a special focus on rare species of Scindapsus, including: Platinum, Silver Hero, Silver Cloud, Silver Princess, Silver Queen, Silver Lady, Silver Splash, Silver Knight, Black Mamba, Lucens, Officianalis, Hederaceus, Perakensis, Treubii Dark Form and more…

About Us

During the early days of the pandemic, our little family started collecting indoor plants as a way to give us hope. These plants not only filled our home with extra love, but also taught us a lot about patience and understanding.

Starting out with simple plants like the Ficus and Dracena, we quickly learned that watering and using the standard soil mixture were not enough to keep these plants thriving.

It took the unfortunate demise of these plants for us to dig deeper into what makes tropical plants happy all year round.  We learned through trial and error that caring for plants requires more than soil and water.

It requires:

  • Humidity, Light, pH Balance, fertilizer, pest control and preventative maintenance, and an airy aroid soil mix

It was then, my wife bought a vining pot of Scindapsus Pictus Exotica. The mixture of its silvery sheen and matte textured leaves was indescribable.

We became so intrigued by this genus that we began to collect as many species of Scindapsus as we could find. Who knew that one plant could manifest into a something bigger, “Mima Shoppe”.


Our Promise

  • Our plants are grown with love and care and tended to daily
  • We will carefully package and ship to you year round
  • We believe communication with our customers is key to success
  • We want to share a piece of our home with each and every one of our customers
  • We hope to develop long lasting relationships with you through plants!