Monstera Thai Constellation (D)
Monstera Thai Constellation (D)
Monstera Thai Constellation (D)
Monstera Thai Constellation (D)
Monstera Thai Constellation (D)

Monstera Thai Constellation (D)

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Monstera Thai Constellation 

Lightly Rooted / New Growth / Recent Root Check

***You will receive the plant that is pictured here***

How are your plants / cuttings packaged?

  • Plant packaging: All Plants are shipped with their grow pots unless specified on the item that it will be shipped with spagnum moss. The soil is secured by damp paper towels and taped to pot to prevent soil from spilling over (this is not a guarantee that some soil may loosen during transit). Plants are secured with polyfill around leaves to ensure cushion, and then finally wrapped with packaging paper or thermal wrapping 

  • Cuttings Unrooted / Rooted packaging:
    • Unrooted Cuttings are packaged with polyfill and secured in a thermal slip. (This is not a heat pack or cold pack. A “Thermal slip” is used for additional prevention during extreme temperatures and/or transit delays.)
    • Rooted Cuttings are wrapped with damp spagnum moss and plastic wrap. Additionally, leaves are secured and cushioned with polyfill. If possible, plants will be wrapped with either a “Thermal Slip” or packaging paper

What is the shipping cost?
  • Plants / Cuttings:
    • $15 USPS Priority 
    • $45 USPS Express
    • $30 UPS 2-Day Air (Recommended)
    • $45 UPS Next-Day Air (Recommended)
  • Propagation Stations: 
    • $25 USPS Priority Flate Rate (Due to weight)

How long will my order take?

  • Please allow up to seven business days for order processing.

What is your shipping policy?

  • Our promise to you is to ship your plants/cuttings to the best of our ability. We are also buyers and have taken what we like/dislike and have implemented what works for us. We try to limit packaging materials from an environmental standpoint but by not jeopardizing the safety of the plant during transit.
  • All orders will begin shipping on Monday/Tuesday to prevent delays in carriers' warehouses during the weekend.
  • Due to COVID-19, there continues to be significant delays in shipping. Please select proper carrier and expedited shipping to get your plants quicker to prevent delays.
  • Weather and Carrier delays are out of Mima Shoppe control.

Do you offer a heat packs or cold packs in the summer or winter?

  • No, we currently do not offer heat packs or cold packs. We can wrap plants/cuttings in thermal wrapping or “thermal slips” during extreme weather to help ensure safe arrival (this is not a guarantee of weather protection).